Our Vows


The Gospel calls us to be "poor" in spirit to share with the poor. This is expressed in a simple life style. We try to leave behind self-centredness, anxiety, a demanding attitude and personal ambition so that we can selflessly care for our fellow human beings. Our 'option for the poor' leads us to a close connection with people living at the margins of our affluent society or in the poverty stricken countries of the Third World.



We commit ourselves to consecrated chastity in a life of celibacy. This frees us to give ourselves to people in a love that is characteristic of Christ's love.


Obedience is the expression of radically following Jesus, who was "obedient unto death". Together, we seek to recognise God's will and to fulfil it in our tasks and daily commitments.


Apostolic Zeal

The fourth vow is special to the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. We commit ourselves to pray and work for the salvation of people in social, moral or spiritual need. Our worldwide congregation makes it possible for us to create international networks and use them to help especially the poor, exploited and abused women and children.