Apostolic Sisters - RGS


Our life together with Christ, the Good Shepherd as our centre, makes us open and ready to seek answers to the many needs of our fellow beings, especially those of women and children.



Government of the Congregation

1. General Chapter

The General Chapter is the highest authority in the Congregation and is, at the same time, a sign of unity in diversity. It takes place every six years and is meant to promote enewal and give direction to our future commitment for the poor and exploited.

A permanent feature of every General Chapter is the election of the Congregational Leader and the General Councillors. Members of the General Chapter are the Congregational Leader, the General Councillors, all the Provincials and elected delegates.

2. The Congregational Leadership Team  

The General Council led by the Congregational Leader Ellen Kelly






Ellen Kelly 

Leadership Team of the Congregation






Leadership Team RGS + CGS 


3. Province Leadership 

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd is divided into 45 Provinces (Units), which result from the historical development of the Order and are often identical with language- and national borders.

Each Province is led by a Province Leader/Provincial and the Provincial Council. The Province leader is directly elected by the Sisters of the Province or is appointed by the General Leadership Team. 

Our Province Leader:






Sr.M.Melitta Fragner

4. Administration of the houses

The houses of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd are led by the Local Leader together with the Local Council.