Johannes Eudes 1601 - 1680

14.11.1601 born in Ri/Orne/France
25.11.1641 establishment of the first house of Our Lady of Charity in Caen
25.03.1643 foundation of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary (Eudists)
16.08.1644 Bishop of Bayeux signs the letters instituting the Order of "Our Lady of Charity"
19.08.1680 death of St. John Eudes
31.05.1925 canonisation of St.John Eudes
14.11.2001 celebration of the 400th birthday of John Eudes

Rosa Virginia Pelletier 1796 - 1868

born on the island of Noirmoutier
enters the Order of Our Lady of Charity at Tours
09.09.1817 makes her profession
26.05.1825 elected superior
11.11.1825 foundation of the Sisters Magdalen at Tours
31.07.1829 foundation of the "Motherhouse" in Angers
21.05.1831 nomination of Mother M.of St.Euphrasia as superior of the Convent of Angers
25.11.1831 foundation of the Sisters of St.Mary Magdalen in Angers - today these are the Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd - CGS
03.04.1835 decree from the congregation of Bishops and Regulars by which Mother Mary of St. Euphrasia is recognised as the Superior General of the "Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd of Angers"
1835-1868 the convents are grouped into provinces
24.04.1868 death of our Mother Foundress beatification of our Mother Foundress
02.05.1940 St.M. Euphrasia is inscribed in the Catalogue of Saints by pope Pius XII
24.04.1985 150th commemoration day of the foundation of the generalate
50th commemoration day of the canonisation
200th birthday of St.M.Euphrasia

Great women in our Congregation

Sister Mary Droste Vischering of the Divine Heart 1863 - 1899

birth of Sister Mary of the Divine Heart
enters the novitiate at Munster
makes her profession
named Superior of Oporto, Portugal
her illness strikes for the first time
she writes to pope Leo XIII requesting the consecration of the world to the Sacred Heart
Juni 1899
the encyclical "annum sacrum" announces the Consecration of the world to the Sacred Heart on 11th June
death of Sr.M. of the Divine Heart; eve of the triduum preparatory to this Consecration
beatification of Sr.M. of the Divine Heart
celebration of the centenary of the death of Sr. Maria Droste of the Divine Heart
150th birthday of Sr. Maria Droste of the Divine Heart