Life in community


We freely choose to live in community and to share responsibility for its development. In an atmosphere of freedom and joy, friendship and the best human qualities can develop. Our sense of oneness is deepened by community prayer, dialogue, sharing meals, activities and relaxation. (Constitutions)

 Our worldwide congregation

St. Mary Euhprasia Pelletier founded the Generalate in 1835. As a result, it was possible to found houses in other dioceses and countries, where women and girls could find help. At the moment, the congregation consists of 45 provinces throughout the world. In these times of globalisation, the situation for women and children has changed. Trafficking of women, child prostitution and child labour are continually increasing. The number of street children in poor countries is rising. We are able to counteract this situation through our international network.


Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd

St. Mary Euphrasia founded the Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd in order to complete and support the service of the Apostolic Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

"We witness to the absolute primacy of God and seek to be means of reconciliation by our prayer, gospel asceticism, solitude and silence.

In a particular way, we support the endeavours of our Sisters who are engaged in the active ministry of reconciliation."

(Constitution of the Contemplative Sisters of the Good Shepherd)