• NGO representative to Vienna


Baumgartenberg in Upper Austria

The tasks of the sisters are the following:

  • Work in the parish in Baumgartenberg
  • Visiting the sick in the Senior Citizen's Home and those in intensive care
  • Contact with the different departments in the house:
    • STEP - socio-educational home for girls
    • WO - home for those with special needs
  • Technical College for Commercial Professions
  • Contact to the European Grammar School which has rented parts of the house


This large community is divided into three types of groups:
At the infirmary 10 sisters in need of care, some of them severely ill, are being lovingly cared for by a team of lay nurses.
A leadership team, comprised of the superior of the house, three coordinators and two other sisters, carry the responsibility in the house.
One coordinator (sister) is responsible for the personal affairs of the sisters in each of these groups.

Five and six sisters live in the other two groups of the house. They work in the following areas:

  • Care of the elderly and sick sisters
  • Pastoral work in the parish of Nonntal and in the Emergency Hospital
  • Icon painting
  • Collaboration in the department for vocation promotion of the diocese
  • Administration
  • Care of guests
  • Contact with students in the Student Home (the Catholic Community of University Students or rather the AAI has its quarters there)
  • Contact to the community's own College of Commerce, to its own two-year School for Medical Administration and to the day-care Kindergarten.





Sr.M. Regina Bauer works as a psychotherapist and supervisor

Sr.M.Reinhilde Karner 

Innsbruck - Vill


Four sisters live here; their tasks are the following:

  • Pastoral work in the parish of Völs
  • Looking after toddlers in the Day Nursery
  • Hospice work
  • Hospital chaplaincy
  • Administration of the province
  • Selling of 'Sharing fair' - products




Sr.M. Beatrix Lewe has a Diploma in Social Education. She is the Chairperson of the Hospice Movement, Leipzig and has built this up.