Spirituality of the Good Shepherd

The Old Testament prophets had already seen God in the image of a good shepherd.

"I care for my sheep ...
I will lead them to good pastures ...
I will let them rest ...
I will search for the lost ones ....
bring back those who have been driven away ...
adress the wounded ...
strengthen the weak ...
protect the strong.
I will be their shepherd and care for them as it should be"
Ez. 34, 11ff.

Christ says:
"I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd gives his life for his sheep".
Joh. 10, 11.

Since Christ 2000 years ago revealed himself as the true Shepherd of the humankind, people have looked at this shepherd letting themselves be led by Him.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, has called on us to live in union with him and continue his redemptive mission in the church. God has consecrated us for this purpose through the gift of his love.


The Sprituality of the Founders

"We find inspiriration and guidance for our mission in Sacred Scripture and in the teachings of St. John Eudes and St. Mary Euphrasia. Like them, we draw our spirit of zeal from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. It is an evangelical spirit of welcome, kindness, understanding, and loving service which gives witness to the value of each person."
(from our constitutions)

Hl.Johannes Eudes

"We also find the spirit of our congregation in the heart of Mary, Mother of our institute. The Father chose to form his Son in Mary and through her in the hearts of his people. With Mary we strive to show forth the mystery of God's merciful love".
(from our constitutions)

Hl.Maria Eufrasia

Our Symbol

The two hearts symbolise the Heart of Jesus and the human heart, embraced by God, which tells us that "God has a heart for the human being".

The cross tells us that: "God so loved the world that he gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him may not be lost but have eternal life".

The shepherd's crook tells us that we as Good Shepherdesses want to be collaborators of the Good Shepherd and, with his help, wish to partake in the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.


Religious life fulfilled

Sr.M. Roswitha Oberlechner writes:

"Come,  follow me", means for me: "Travel the journey of your life with me - in your heart listen to my voice".

For my service, my call it means, as a religious to be at God's disposal, every day anew to serve the people according to his word and example.

Following Jesus in this way brings fulfilment, because there I can find purpose in my life, full of joy and strength.

"God, I ask you fo this joy and for perseverance also in the dark and difficult situations of my life. And for the courage to follow you also on the way of the cross. With you to seek the lost and to strengthen the weak; and thus be present as a "Good Shepherdess" today. To employ my own special charisma (as a painter of Icons).

I ask you, Jesus, to fill with your love all whom you wish to call to follow this path, a love which will enable them to answer your call and bear life's burdens".